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Italian style sausage sandwich

This grilled Italian sausage sandwich recipe is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Stuffed into a French baguette and flooded with vibrant toppings, this is the perfect BBQ lunch or tailgate food. 

The best toppings for sausage sandwiches are sautéed onions, grilled peppers, scallions, and mozzarella cheese. Herbs and garnish like parsley, basil, and oregano are good. Condiments like mayonnaise, garlic butter, balsamic glaze are also good toppings.

An Italian-style chicken sausage sandwich is a sandwich made with Italian-style chicken sausage as the main ingredient. The sausage is typically made from ground chicken and seasoned with Italian herbs and spices, such as fennel, parsley, and red pepper flakes. The sausage is usually grilled or pan-fried and then placed on a long roll or baguette.

Similar to the Italian-style sausage sandwich, this sandwich is often topped with Italian-inspired ingredients such as peppers, onions, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Some variations may include the addition of mushrooms, artichokes, or other vegetables. It is dressed with olive oil and sometimes vinegar.

Chicken sausage is considered to be a healthier alternative to traditional pork sausage and it’s a great choice for those looking for leaner protein option. It is also a popular option for those who don’t eat pork.

This sandwich can be served hot or cold, and it can be a great option for lunch or a casual dinner. It is often paired with a side of pasta salad or potato chips, and a green salad or coleslaw as well.

Italian style sausage sandwich

Italian style sausage sandwich


Grill over high heat, about 450°F-500°F (230°C- 260°C ) on your gas grill. It takes about 6 minutes per side, taking 12 minutes in total to grill sausages until they are cooked through.

This grilled Italian sausage sandwich recipe is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Stuffed into a French baguette and flooded with vibrant toppings, this is the perfect BBQ lunch or tailgate food.
Cuisine: BBQ
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 4 Chicken & Rocket Sausage or Chicken  Sausage
  • 1 Artisan Baguette or any baguette of your choice
  • Olive Oil
  • 1/2 Red Onion sliced
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper sliced
  • Mustard of your choice


  1. Heat up your grill. Get it as high as you can for charcoal and about 500°F  (260°C) for gas
  2. In a skillet, add olive oil, mushrooms and onions and cook until softened
  3. Add your sausages to the grill and cook until done, turning them every couple minutes
  4. Cut your baguette down the middle. (Toast it on the grill a little if you like)
  5. Layer the sandwich with onions and peppers first, add your mustard and top with the sausages. Cut into four mini sandwiches and serve.


Italian style sausage sandwich is a healthy alternative to traditional pork sausage, it has a lower fat content, it’s also a great option for those who don’t eat pork for religious or dietary reasons.
It’s a tasty and satisfying sandwich and also a good way to enjoy the classic flavors of Italian sausage in a healthier way.

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