Hensons Gourmet Poultry

Poultry Shop Rockdale

Welcome to the Supreme Poultry Shop, located in the vibrant neighborhood of Rockdale. Our poultry shop stands as a beacon of excellence, offering the finest selection of poultry products for the discerning customers. As you step into our pristine establishment, you’ll be greeted by the tantalizing aroma of expertly seasoned and succulent chicken. Our dedicated team of skilled butchers ensures that each piece is carefully sourced and prepared to meet the highest standards of quality. Whether you’re searching for tender cuts of chicken for a special occasion or seeking delicious marinated options for a quick and flavorsome meal, we have you covered. At Supreme Poultry Shop, we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional customer service, providing a warm and friendly environment where your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Step into our shop and experience the epitome of poultry perfection in the heart of Rockdale.

We specialize in fresh quality whole chickens and a wide range of chicken pieces at an affordable price.

Hensons Gourmet Poultry

Rockdale Plaza Shopping Centre

Address: 47/1 Rockdale Plaza Dr.

Rockdale NSW 2216
Phone: (02) 9253 4353

Joe's Gourmet Poultry

Chullora Marketplace

Address: 35/355 Waterloo Road

Chullora NSW 2190

Phone: (02) 9742 3255

Joe's Gourmet Poultry

Stockland Wetherill Park

Address: 561/583 Polding St.

Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Phone: (02) 7250 5331

Joe's Gourmet Poultry

Stockland Merrylands

Address: 1074/1 Pitt St.

Merrylands NSW 2160

Phone: (02) 8880 7615